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Meet the Author

Kaye Espinosa

Teaching Style:

Hands on learning focusing on integrating the curriculum.


In 1986 I received the Rialto Chamber of Commerce Service to Education Award. I was selected by my colleagues in Redlands to receive the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2002.


Eastern Michigan University

University of California Los Angeles

University of California Riverside

California State University
San Bernardino

Teaching Experience:

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan and taught for 37 years. Most of which was at the kindergarten level.

I split my teaching years between the Rialto and Redlands Unified School Districts in California. When I began my teaching career in 1964 I had no idea the long lasting impact it would have on my life. I met my future husband at a teacher's party and decorated my children's nursery with TLC art from my classroom. I have presented workshops at education conferences all across the United States.

Through the books I have been able to share ideas with teachers from New York to Hawaii, Canada to Mexico, and even internationally from Ireland to Japan, from United Arab Emirates to Africa and Australia.

I retired from teaching in 2002 and live in Redlands, California with my husband. We have two grown children and three grandchildren.

"TLC introduces geometry, positional words, following directions, fractions and lends itself to every academic area of the curriculum." —Arizona

About TLC Lessons

The TLC Lessons books were created for kindergartners to teach the kindergarten curriculum. However, they have been successfully used in classes from preschool to 3rd grade as well as in ESL and special education classes.

The TLC directed art lessons are designed to help the children develop their self confidence and creative ability. The children are given only squares and rectangles to create pictures. The children learn to cut circles, ovals and triangles from squares and rectangles. They learn how things fit together, can be transformed, and can be taken apart. Once they have an understanding of how shapes work they become creative. All of the children begin with the same materials and follow the same directions, but the results are individual and no two creations look alike.

The TLC directed art lessons help children:

  • Learn to Follow Oral and Visual Directions
  • Acquire an Understanding of How Shapes Work
  • Develop Fine-Motor Skills
  • Strengthen Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Learn Color and Shape Recognition
  • Develop an Awareness of Spatial Relationships
  • Learn to Work Individually and Independently

Step-by-step illustrations show simply and clearly how each cut and paste lesson is done. The lessons can be directed step-by-step to the whole group or modeled for independent use.

“TLC is not just art lessons. There is so much learning! TLC teaches across the curriculum; math, literature, science, and social studies. TLC lessons even make good problem solvers. The children have to adjust their cutting of corners from small to big depending on what they are making.” —Florida

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Use TLC Directed Art Lessons to...

The Theme Book lessons can be used to create an attractive classroom environment or to illustrate Big Books for the classroom.


The Make-A-Books lessons create individual reading books for the children to read to each other and put in their book boxes for future reading.